Fish Farm

Nagasaki Farm in Hirado

We are committed to protect and maintain the marine environment, sustainability, food safety and security. We contribute by delivering good food to diner’s tables. Our farm is well maintained, completely traceable, and we very carefully select the food fed to our fish.

We are the only company cultivating fish at Furukawa Bay in Hirado City, Nagasaki. We do not get effected by other farms, and are able to grow our fish safely and healthfully.

This is our tuna preserve where we cultivate around 400 to 500 tuna.

Our tuna swim energetically. This leads them to grow healthy and firm, which makes our tuna high quality, totally compatible with wild-caught tuna.

Tuna are caught and immediately processed. They are cooled with ice water for 24 hours.

Freshly caught tuna. We also deliver this same freshness and quality to Wokuni in New York.

Our Tuna are fed fresh sardines and mackerel. We feed them fresh high-quality food to grow them safe and healthy for eating.

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